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"I am writing to thank you. When I placed this order, I talked to a gentleman on the phone and told him what my issue was. I told him that we had chairs on our patio that had rusted and the rust and the black paint got onto our pavers. He told me that in addition to your product, I should use muriatic acid at eight parts to a gallon to remove the rust. I am so grateful to him, as this worked! With the help of your product and the muriatic acid, our patio looks like new once again. I am so happy. Thanks for everything! You all are awesome!"

Deb Dudek, A Happy Customer

"I have been a painter for over 25 years and have worked with World's Best Graffiti Removal Products consistently for 10 years. I can honestly tell you the products work exactly as you see in the video. I have literally seen hundreds of products over the years and nothing has ever come close to working as well as Worlds Best Graffiti Removers. The City of Redondo Beach now rely on these products daily for maintaining a graffiti free environment for our citizens and visitors."

Howard Shelton, City of Redondo Beach

"We thought we tried just about everything at DPW… That is until we found World's Best Graffiti removers. Now we've been using the Products since 2007, I can honestly say these are truly the World's Best."  

Michael Stover, District of Columbia Department of Public Works

"I back this all the way…Thanks for making my job so much easier. Your products and system are far and away better than anything we have ever used!"

Georgia Lopez, Streets Division City of Santa Barbara CA

"I've been removing graffiti for over 15 years with the City of Sacramento. We clean some of the hardest surfaces daily such as Spilt face Rock walls, cinderblock, and concrete I've tried many other products over the years and often resorted to Sandblasting. I love World's Best, and have never seen anything as effective on these surfaces…. I sure Don't miss sand blasting either."

Joe Lerza, City of Sacramento

"World's Best are the only products we use because we are serious professionals. We've tried other products & they don't measure up"

Matt Sekula, Cook County Sheriff's Office

"The best Products I have ever tried. No other product has worked as well as Bare Brick Stone & Masonry Graffiti remover. Easily the best product on the market right now." 

Dave Dapuma, Town of Cicero IL

"You are the best! Thanks for all your assistance. I will be bragging about you and your product for a long time. Besides the ease of the product, it is rare to find a company with employees that are as friendly, well versed, cooperative, and as helpful as you have been. Thank you again." 

Officer Heskin, Chicago Police Dept, IL

"I've been buffing graffiti for over 18 years in LA County and there's virtually no product I haven't tried. Before I met Adam at World's Best Graffiti removers we had no choice but to cover over graffiti. Now our mission is to restore every surface to its original condition without damage. When you've tried World's Best…Why try the rest!" 

Javier Covarrubias, City of Glendale

"Thank you, Vanessa… we appreciate the following: 1. Your pricing 2. Your expediency 3. Your association with us and others such as MSA 4. The quality and proficiency of your products and service!" 

Ted and Crew, City of Chula Vista, CA

"The City of Fresno has nearly 3,300 volunteers using solvent and Safewipes from Urban Restoration Group on a weekly basis. We organized nearly 900 volunteers to use them in over 40 locations around our city-all in one morning!" 

Greg McAllister, Fresno Police Department Graffiti Bureau

"We have received exceptional customer service and training from Adam at Urban Restoration Group Inc. The product has proven to be effective in removing graffiti throughout the city."

John Lutrull, Graffiti Abatement Division City of Fresno

"With 18 1/4 years experience with the City of Carlsbad, I thought that I had a PhD in graffiti removal, until we used the World's Best Graffiti Removal products. These products opened our eyes! The paint disappeared, like magic! We had been doing it backwards. We don't need to re-invent the wheel - World's Best have already done it. Luckily we accepted Adam's invitation for a demonstration, because if we hadn't, we would be looking pretty stupid right now." 

Tim Lynch, City of Carlsbad CA

"I ... will be continually singing your praises to everyone who could be a potential customer for your system, and if there's anything else I can do to help spread the word I will. A million thanks for all you're doing to help make things better!"

Harriet Marx, Chairperson Looking Good Santa Barbara

"I wanted to pass along a tip about your masonry product. I used a similar product before purchasing yours ... I feel that yours works a lot better ... (I) have absolutely no problem whatsoever recommending your product to anyone who doesn't want to waste their time on something else less effective."

Mr. Charlie Michael, Clark County NV