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Top 10 Strategies for a Graffiti Free City


Expert Advice

Answers to everything you need here. For specific jobs, please send us your questions, details, and/or photos for expert removal advice.  

Please send us your questions, details, and/or photos for expert removal advice.  

Resources for Cities

Do's & Don'ts For Working With Volunteers
Legal Disclaimer Form For Volunteers

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Expert Advice

Find everything you need here. For specific situations, please send us your questions, details, and/or photos for expert removal advice.  

Top 10 Strategies for a Graffiti Free City

Recognize that graffiti vandalism is a community problem
Unless cities budget for it with a dedicated program, it will never be eradicated. It is no longer possible to avoid this fact. A ‘Clean City’ levy of less than $1 per household per month will easily fund this as well as provide cleaner facilities parks and playgrounds for the community to enjoy.
Understand that Graffiti Removal is a highly skilled trade
Do not think of it as a menial cleaning type job. Skilled technicians are called upon to repair damaged property on anything and everything without trace. They must be skilled and have a good sense of detailed workmanship.
Employ a proven cleaning ‘system’ which is non-damaging and has the ability to confidently work on any surface
World’s Best have this proven system. We’ve spent 40 years developing products that are fast, effective and safe to use and we’re passionate about seeing you succeed.
Place all resources into eradication whilst refraining initially from the temptation to photograph or record graffiti
If your local area has been continually vandalized over several years it is most likely you will achieve nothing in this quest as most vandals are no longer active. Save this for police/prosecution purposes once you are graffiti free.
Make a daily ‘clean sweep’ of all-main roads and known problem areas
The might include skate parks, restrooms, and any known ‘vandal haunts’. Remember, tagging is a ‘Fame Game’. By eradicating it as it occurs we are deflating the vandals spirit, especially when removal are done right as though they were never there.
Avoid making ordinances which require 24 hr graffiti eradication by owners
This can be obstructive, difficult to enforce and results in punishing the victim of graffiti rather than the perpetrator. It also undermines a citywide strategy which should be PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE.
Remove graffiti from anything and everything and not just city property
Do not leave it to other utilities. Do not leave any really obvious graffiti. At first, just clean to ‘drive-by’ standard…i.e. not visible as one would drive through any areas. You can always go back later and fine tune any removals.
As the daily prevalence of graffiti hits disappear, clean the side streets
While keeping a daily check on the main streets. Clean some areas twice daily if needed. Remember it’s a proactive approach not a reactive one (unless you need to attend to an particularly offensive graffiti incident).
Make sure any “Community Art” programs involving aerosol art as the main medium are postponed
Until well after you have attained “Graffiti Free” status. Art programs performed during clean up campaigns involving aerosol art tend to lower the morale of those responsible for removing graffiti as well as sending out a mixed message to vandals that it is okay to put spray can paint on some walls but not others.
Use this proven strategy. Do not ‘reinvent the wheel’ or copy other cities who have not been successful
This definitely works and is not expensive. The consequent increase in property values and reduction in related crime through a cleaner city will ensure that property rates collected will pay for this ongoing program at no additional cost to the community.

Resources for Cities

Do's & Don'ts For Working With Volunteers

If you're planning to work with volunteers, please consider the following tips.

✔ Do's

Do make sure you wear gloves and safety glasses and protect yourself from the sun. Realize you are among others on the streets and stay road safe!

Do realize that nearly 60% of graffiti removals from painted surfaces are none other than paint-overs. A color match and paint over is often the best remedy for removing larger graffiti from painted walls.

Do try to remove little bits of each marker before embarking on a large area. If you can’t remove a few square inches then you will not be able to remove several square feet!

When using the Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover or Safewipes, work on small areas at a time and wipe dissolved graffiti away as you go. 

Do keep your toweling cloths clean as you go. Make sure they are damp before use. Wash your brushes and tools when finished.

Do realize that you are an important, skilled person who is much appreciated by your community. Make sure to have fun and success when removing graffiti.

🚫 Don'ts

Don’t be afraid to realize you are learning a skilled trade when removing graffiti. Experiment and tell others about your results. Visit our Training page for an introductory video.

Don’t repaint/obliterate something by using an obviously wrong color. Vandals are attracted exactly to the picture frame rectangle you have just completed.

Don’t think you can do anything and everything. Even professionals realize their limitations. Report what you can't remove and leave it to someone who has the correct tools and experience. 

Don’t worry if every tiny bit is not removed; ‘Drive-By' standard will often do. You can always be finicky once the vandals are out of the area. Check out our Expert Advice Blog for detailed information on graffiti from various substrates.

Don’t worry if removals don’t always happen like they are supposed to. Shift to something that will work. There is no shortage of graffiti, and every little bit helps our community. Head for the areas that you can be successful in cleaning immediately.

Don't sweat it! Remember the Golden Rule: "If you're working hard, you're doing it wrong!" There should be no need for harsh scrubbing and elbow grease. 

Legal Disclaimer Form For Volunteers

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